Odinist Atheists

I have friends who love the Odinist morals and way of life, and they have told me that they’d love to be Odinists, but they don’t believe in any gods or spirits.

I always encourage them to be culturally Odinist, and to learn about the religion anyway.

The way that I see it is this. If someone can truly dedicate themselves to live by the Nine Noble Virtues, then it will benefit not only their life, but also the lives of those around them, irrelevant of their belief or not in anything supernatural.

And if someone can act as an Odinist brother or sister, and display honour, honesty, and loyalty to us, then I will treat them as a brother or sister, whether they commune with the gods or not.

And if they are willing to learn a little about the gods and our practices, then if and when the time comes where they feel that instinctive urge towards something greater than themselves, then they’ll know what gods to turn to, and will already have a community to help them.

And even if they never believe in or commune with the gods, I believe that it is our duty as Odinists to fight on the side of the aesir for honour and nature, and against dishonour and chaos, and if our friends are willing to join us and the Aesir in that greatest of holy wars, then they will be supporting and honouring the gods with us anyway.

To anyone who lives by Odinist morals, and displays the Odinist spirit, I hail you as brother or sister, whether you genuinely believe in the gods or not. But I also propose that you try to have a relationship with the god or gods of your choosing, as you may realise that it does you a lot of good. It certainly won’t do you any harm to try.

Hail Odin. Hail the Aesir. Hail the Ancestors. Hail all of my Odinist brothers and sisters.

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