What Is Valhalla?


Valhalla is the hall of the god Odin.

Valhalla literally translates as “hall of the slain”. Val = slain, halla + hall.

The term “val” is regularly associated with Odin. Odin is sometimes called Valfather (father of the slain) And Odin’s symbol is the Valknut (knot of the slain, knut = knot)

Valknut Image


Valhalla is located in the realm of Asgard, which is home to the gods, known as the Aesir.

How Do You Get To Valhalla?

Some people believe that all Heathens go to Valhalla after death, but that is not the case. The only people who go to the hall are warriors who are slain on the battlefield, and are then chosen by Odin’s servants, the Valkyries. (Choosers of the slain).

Only half of slain warriors are chosen by the Valkyries. The other half do not go to be with Odin, but instead go to the goddess Freyja’s field, Fólkvangr.

Other Heathens who die in different circumstances go to different places to abide with different gods. Where they go depends on what particular god, if any, they pledged their loyalty to in life, and also, the circumstances of their death.

Those who are chosen by the Valkyrie are known as the Einherjar. The Einherjar spend their days in combat with each other, in order to train for Ragnarök, and every night after training all of their wounds are healed so they can continue to train the following day.

The Einherjar spend their evenings feasting and drinking mead with Odin himself, and the beautiful Valkyries serve them all of their food and drink.

Valhalla’s ceiling is said to be made of golden shields, and there is a golden tree called Glasir outside of the entrance to the hall. The hall is said to contain five hundred and forty rooms. It’s gates are said to be guarded by wolves, and eagles patrol the sky above it.



    1. James Odinson
      James Odinson Post author

      There are many factors, and the circumstances of the battle itself are not the only ones.

      Of course, Odin choose the bravest and most capable warriors to fight alongside him at Ragnarock, but whether Odin honours you with a place in Valhalla is also largely dependant on your conduct during your life.

      For example, an oath breaker, who has sworn an oath to people and Gods using an oath ring, and then broken the oath, is totally condemned by Odinist and God’s alike, and can only go to hel, no matter what they do on the battlefield

      1. Aaron31403

        I shall take that to heart my friend I think you for all the information on these forums maybe someday I’ll be in vahalla but only fate can tell

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